In 2003, an engineer in Las Vegas became popular decades ago for winning a mega jackpot of over $39,000,000 from staking $100 in a slot machine. Slots machines are the most popular casino games due to their gigantic payouts and win potential. 

Categories of Slot Machines

There are different categories of Slot games offered at Ivi Bet. Perhaps Slots have more variants than many other casino games. Apart from traditional Slots, many other games qualify for this category.

Traditional Slots

Traditional Slots

Traditional slots, known as “pokies” in Australia and “fruit machines” in the UK, are the heartbeat of casinos. Usually, these games have between three to five spinning reels. When players achieve a combination of symbols, they get paid.

Traditional slots account for over half the revenue from land-based casinos in Las Vegas. This is because traditional slots have huge payouts.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a 5-card draw game that allows players to bet on the best hand with the payout directly tied to the strength of the hand. The highest hand has the highest payout in that order. In addition, playing on the right table allows for the house edge to be eliminated, unlike traditional slots.

Video Bingo

Traditional slots use a reel style of play, while Video Bingo uses electronic video cards. Video Bingo has different varieties. For instance, Latin Bingo which uses a 3×5 card and 75 balls, and American Bingo which uses a 5×5 card and 90 balls, are the two most popular varieties of the game.


If you have never heard of “Pachinko” before, it is a game common among Japanese nationals. 

Pachinko was combined with a slot machine to form Pachislo slots. The game features a three-reel machine, three coin maximum wagers, and manual buttons to stop the spin. Spins stop within 1 second of pushing the stop button. However, difficult, skilled players can beat this machine. Pachislo has an extremely high payout percentage of 90 to 200%.

Types of Traditional Slot Machines

Types of Traditional Slot Machines

Traditional Slot Machines have varieties of options. No matter your level of skill, there is usually a traditional slot machine that will suit you.


Multi coins are popular in the Australian and American markets. You can choose the number of pay lines and the amount you wish to risk on a pay line. However, some bonuses can’t be activated until you play the maximum number of coins per line.


Here you can choose the number of pay lines, but you can only wager one coin per pay line.

Due to these limitations, these slots have fallen out of favor among gamblers as players want to risk multiple coins per pay line.


This type of slot game allows for extra coins to be wagered. An extra coin wagered raises the chances of hitting a winning combination. A single coin can make a huge difference here.


Slot machines are the gold mines of all casinos. They will continue to outperform other casino games any day, anytime.

Slot games are exciting because you can win a lot of money and improve your life.

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