The Greatest Wins

The Greatest Wins of All Time in The Sports Betting Industry

The age of visiting race courses to gamble on these events is well past. Instead, the gambling industry has seen considerable developments in recent times with the development of devices and websites that can co-function to bring gambling to players with ease.

The proliferation of sports betting generally has led to the availability of many sporting options and odds at the tip of punters’ fingers. In addition, they can view events they are interested in on their desktop or mobile screens, all at once, if desired.

The broad spectrum of sports, events, and odds has been a big highlight of this gambling era. However, the most significant wins discussed in the following sections happened through mobile or desktop devices.

However, there are cases where these punters did not even place their bets on a technological device. So please keep reading, and we assure to stun you with these mind-blowing facts.

Billy Walters – 2010

Billy Walters

In 2010, Billy Walters became 3.5 million dollars richer after he had placed an outrageous bet on the New Orleans Saints to win their first Super Bowl against the Colts. The betting margin was 31 to 17. This win ranks as one of the biggest in the entire history of the global gambling industry. Billy Walters, to date, is considered a legend of the game. 

Vegas Dave – 2015

No one would accept Dave’s bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series. Hence, he had to divide his bets across 15 casinos. Fortunately, the Kansas City Royals won the World Series after being underrated by a measly 30/1 odds against the New York Mets. As a result, Vegas Dave cashed out pretty well, earning approximately 2.5 million dollars in return.

Steve Whiteley – 2011

You might find it mind-blowing that two dollars worth of bets was enough to win a massive jackpot prize of 1.7 million dollars. However, Steve only had to predict the six horses that prevailed on this day to win a colossal payout slated at approximately 1.7 million dollars. To date, this event remains impressive and probably the one with the cheapest funding.

Mike Futter – 2003

Mike Futter

In 2003, Mike Futter decided to believe in the process of his horse, Monty Pass, and bet against the normal tide at an odd margin of 40/1 to 16/1. To be exact, Monty had previously lost all of its races. However, this horse went on to win its next race, thus earning its owner a total of $840,000 in today’s conversion rate. Due to the very cheap stake, this win is on our list.

James Adducci – 2019

James Adducci was probably the only man who believed in the infinite prowess of Tiger Woods back in 2019. James had placed an $85,000 bet on Tiger becoming the 2019 Masters champion. However, he was not disappointed in the end, as he walked away with $1.2 million. The bet seemed silly at the time, but the eventuality was admirable, thus making it onto our list.

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